Write a semicolon on your wrist day

Key switches[ edit ] In the first electronic keyboards in the early s, the key switches were individual switches inserted into holes in metal frames.

Write a semicolon on your wrist day

Modern Greek to English Wordlist Note: This page is part of the author's set of pages on the Greek language.

write a semicolon on your wrist day

The following is a simple word-list, translating Modern Greek words to their closest corresponding English ones. To find a word, use the "Find in page" option of your browser from the Edit menuor, in Windows, hit Ctrl-F.

If you need to type in Greek and you don't know how, read this note at the end of this page. There is a corresponding reverse English to Greek word-list.

This list should not be interpreted as a "dictionary" in any way. It was constructed by the authorat the request of his friend Joseph A. Insanafor the latter's MediaGlyphs project.

Entries appear as concepts, rather than as words, often grouped as two or three words in one entry, provided the words are all variations of the same basic concept. This is the reason why the Find option of your browser should be used to locate words, rather than simply scrolling and locating the word alphabetically.

English Vocabulary Word List - Alan Beale's Core Vocabulary Compiled From 3 Small ESL Dictionaries

Special thanks to Graham Goddard, a friend of the author's, for his essential help in color-coding all nouns of the list!

Brief explanation of entries: All entries except nouns are marked for their grammatical category as follows: For Greek adjectives, the neuter form is provided in its entirety, while the endings of the feminine and masculine forms in that order are given in parentheses. These endings include not only the "proper" ending as given in the Greek nouns pagebut also one character before that, to show the connection of the ending to the root the rest of the word.

Some Greek verbs that have alternative contracted forms are given in their expanded form; the reason is that the former can be easily derived from the latter.

Click on the speaker iconwhere provided, to hear the pronunciation. Click on the hand icon next to a noun or verb, to move to a page showing the word that the hand points to, which is declined or conjugated just like the noun or verb of the given entry.


The above two markings hand icon and speaker icon are applied to a few nouns for testing purposes only; the plan is to extend them to the entire list as time allows. Color coding for genders nouns only:Home Education, Volume 1 of the Charlotte Mason Series.

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The Semicolon Project continues this year on April 14, Similar to the To Write Love On Her Arms movement, you simply draw a semicolon on your wrist. By having this symbol in perfect view, you will tell yourself to walk past the razors and scissors that may flood your .

But to others, the semicolon is a symbol of hope, hard times and determination to keep going and, sometimes, a symbol of life. Enter Project Semicolon, a movement that's bringing mental health awareness to the forefront.

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