Write a letter to santa macys

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Write a letter to santa macys

write a letter to santa macys

Many people think it only happens to people who chain smoked every single day…. But, not me-I sit in a corner and cry or stay in bed all day. I spend more than that on his annual memorial every year. I called to let them know they sent the wrong thing and after nearly an hour on the phone was told I had to send the pull toy back and then they would credit my account.

They then told me that they did not have anymore of the electric blankets in any of the 3 warehouses that I had ordered. They did offer me another blanket comparablefor the same cost but that cost would be added to my charge as well. The cost for the original blanket would not be removed until they received the pull toy back.

So I do all the work to return their mistake and have an additional charge on my account until they receive the package back that they incorrectly sent. I had to print the label, attach to the box with my tape, get in my car to drive to the nearest UPS store to have them ship.

It took forever for the supervisor to even apologize. Why am I inconvenienced for their mistake!! I am a long time customer of JC Penney. The supervisor made me feel like I made the mistake and I had to fix it.

Now all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that they credit my account. Anntoinette Banks November 11, at 1: I first had an issue when trying to have my transaction completed upstairs in the homewares department, after shopping and browsing for at least an hour.

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I went to make a purchase and use my gift cards from my wedding for towels and wash clothes and was told that the systems were down and that I was not able to use my gift cards.

While downstairs, my mom was attempting to purchase some pants, she was at the next counter which happened to be the jewelry department and the young lady was speaking in a very rude manner to my elderly mother, so I went over to the counter and asked her what the problem was and told her that I did not appreciate the tone she was using with my mother, when all she was asking was if she could ring her up for the pants at the jewelry counter, since there was no wait.

Another manager came over to the area and confirmed with the employee that she was able to ring up my mothers purchase at the jewelry counter if the line was not long.

This employee did not have a name tag, but she was very condescending and she made me change my whole thoughts of shopping and working at JC Penny over the holiday season. She called the manager down, he came down.

Do you play Family Feud on Facebook? And do you find it hard to get those Fast Money Round Answers? Find the solutions here in a convenient list/chart. Stuntwoman Kitty O'Neil was called in to handle a jump from a story building. The Assignment, co-starring Antu Yacob, will run for two-weeks at Luna Stage in West Orange, New Jersey, beginning on Thursday, November 29,

He did not have an answer, he just confirmed with me that we should hear something within business days, because the District Store Manager was going to be out of the office for a few days.

The employee with the horrible attitude was African American, working the jewelry counter around the time of 7pm — 8pm. Leonardo informed us that she has been working there for a while.

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We both felt that this behavior was very unprofessional, not to mention that while we were having a conversation with Leonardo, this young lady went to the side to have a conversation with another store employee about what was going on, she just would not close her mouth so the situation could be resolved.Dec 27,  · With the $,, that Fortress Investment is inexplicably throwing at Theranos, the company has now raised a billion bucks.

I figure Holmes must have some SERIOUS dirt on somebody, because nothing about this makes any sense at all. Do you play Family Feud on Facebook? And do you find it hard to get those Fast Money Round Answers? Find the solutions here in a convenient list/chart.

Contacting Target Headquarters

JCPenney History. JCPenney, also called JCP or Penneys, was founded by James Cash Penney in as the Golden Rule Store. Penney bought out his 2 partners in and began calling the stores J.C. Penny in Stuntwoman Kitty O'Neil was called in to handle a jump from a story building. Contacting Target Headquarters.

Target is a major discount retailer that competes with the likes of Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot and other companies. Contact Target Customer Service.

Find Target Customer Support, Phone Number, Email Address, Customer Care Returns Fax, Number, Chat and Target FAQ. Speak with Customer Service, Call Tech Support, Get Online Help for Account Login.

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