Vive paris essay

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Vive paris essay

Born Gilbert du Mortier in south-central France, Lafayette was of noble blood and voraciously ambitious but as a younger son, he was destined for a career in the army. In he defied the government and travelled to North America, where he planned to assist the American revolutionaries in their struggle for independence.

While in America, Lafayette proved himself a skilled military officer, earning the respect and friendship of George Washington. Lafayette was hailed as a hero after returning to France. By the s he was one of the most famous Frenchmen in the world.

Lafayette returned to France changed and inspired by the American Revolution ; he was enamoured with its successes, its political idealism and its moderate aims.

Vive paris essay the outbreak of the French Revolution, he was only a young man — just 29 in — yet was hailed as a leader of men.

Vive paris essay

In Lafayette was appointed to the Assembly of Notables ; in his position, he argued for the convocation of the Estates General Vive paris essay, where he also served as a deputy for the Second Estate.

In June Lafayette crossed the floor and joined the newly formed National Assembly and was elected its vice president. On July 15th, the day after the fall of the BastilleLafayette was chosen as commander-in-chief of the newly formed National Guard.

A keen advocate of individual rights, Lafayette took a leading role in the drafting and adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. He was a student of the Enlightenment philosophes and hoped for relatively peaceful transition into constitutionalism, in a similar fashion to the American Revolution.

In andLafayette was possibly the only figure who could have saved the French Revolution — in fact to many people he was the revolution. The growing radicalism in Paris was always a concern to Lafayette, however, and his command of the National Guard placed him in the awkward centre of several revolutionary events.

In October he attended Versailles to protect the king and his family from a possible mob attackthen accompanied the royals back to Paris. Fed up with increasing tensions and violence in the capital, Lafayette tried to resign but was talked out of it. This incident shattered whatever respect and affection Lafayette still enjoyed among the radical Jacobins and urban sans culottes.

By mid Lafayette was serving in the regular French military but also urged the government to take strong action against radical political clubs. As the revolution radicalised further, Lafayette planned to use his army to protect the royal family and to push for a limited monarchy.

His last move was an unsuccessful attempt to rally troops to march on Paris after the dramatic journee of August 10th This prompted the government to declare him a traitor, while Lafayette considered the revolution to be lost.

In late August he left French territory and surrendered himself to the Prussians and Austrians. The Austrians held him in detention until He later returned to France and served in the post-Napoleonic national government.

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To reference this page, use the following citation:Essay on Paris: Paris and Slide Paris Culture. Paris can be seen as the most interesting city of Europe and probably even as one of the most amazing city’s worldwide.

People from all over the world travel to Paris to discover and experience this fairy-like city. Paris is the city of love, inspiration, art and fashion.

Vive l’Amérique: French Children Welcome Their American Ally March 21 – Oct. 15, , Ellis Gallery When the Great War started in the summer of , a school teacher in the Montmartre district of Paris asked his students, boys ages , to write essays and .

I read the book Vive La Paris. This book was written by Esme Raji Codell, who also wrote the book Educating Esme. The genre of this book is social issues genre. The Paris Commune was the municipal government of Paris during the French Revolution. It was formed during the insurrection of July The Commune played an important role in the life of the capital.

Not only did it provide civic functions like tax collection, services and public works, the Paris.

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“The electors declared Paris an autonomous commune and voted Lafayette commanding general and military head of the new government. Elated by the prospects of organising and commanding an American-style citizen’s milita, he drew his sword, the symbol of his knighthood and fealty to the king, and raised it high to thunderous cheers.

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