Thesis watermark security jpeg

Note that not all image formats support alpha channel functionality, the most commonly used format is PNG because PNG files can be viewed by most web browsers.

Thesis watermark security jpeg

Masters thesis, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Watermarking is a technique of hiding specific data for copyright authentication.

DCT based Watermarking algorithm design for Image Security

This data can be used to verify the ownership. Today, with the rapid growth of the Internet, the increased of functionality of computers and recent developments in fingerprint sensing technology for acquiring a fingerprint without using the traditional ink and paper make these image of biometric data fingerprints open to the potential attacks during transmission.

Recipients required a mechanism which can prove the accuracy of their image. If the images are watermarked, it is easy for the owner to verify the images. This thesis focuses on the study of watermarking on fingerprint images.

A watermarking technique together with an encryption method to increased a security of the biometric data especially fingerprints is proposed. Digital watermark is used to embed information of the owner of the fingerprint image to protect the intellectual property rights of the fingerprint data.

While encryption technique can be applied to the embedded information for increasing security. Encryption is the commonest and easiest way to guarantee secure information.

An Extended DCT Domain Watermarking for Robot Vision against Geometric Image Attacks

AES is more reliable not only because its key size is variable over bits but also enhanced transformation scheme is unpredicted at all. This thesis provides a comprehensive discussion on the comparison of the digital watermarking techniques and their desirable features, common method of attacks such as translation, rotation, scaling, resizing, cropping, JPEG compression, noise addition, median filter, histogram equalization and gamma correction.


Experimental results demonstrate that the frequency domain scheme is robust to most of the attacks.In this thesis we presented a new image watermarking technique that can embed more number of watermark bits in the cover image without affecting the imperceptibility and increase the security .

A watermark is embedded in the original image, and partial cutting, size change, quality change, compression, rotation, and noise are applied to the embedded watermark image, after which watermark extraction is attempted.

Thesis watermark security jpeg

There are several papers using the same manner to embed watermark into middle-band coefficients of DCT block. The Joint Photograph Expert Group (JPEG) image compression usually discards the high-band frequency in DCT block including some middle-band data.

Self Embedding For JPEG Compressed Digital Images This paper deals with the design of a practical self-recovery mechanism for lossy compressed JPEG images.

We extend a recently proposed model of the content reconstruction problem based on digital fountain codes to take into account the impact of emerging watermark extraction and block.

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An Improved DCT based Image Watermarking Robust Against JPEG Compression

In order to achieve a sharperimage, an intermediate stage for estimating thehigh-frequency sub bands has been proposed. Key words: Discrete wavelet transform(DWT), interpolation, satellite image resolutionenhancement, wavelet zero padding (WZP), Dualtreecomplex wavelet transform (DT-CWT).

Watermarking image files and setting copyright information. It is not necessary that the watermark covers as much of the original picture as possible, it is only that I have designed the scripts above to do that. AppleScript, Apple Script, jpeg, jpg, image, graphic, Macintosh, watermarking, copyright, exif.

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