The positive side of western culture

Unduly criticizing culture of host country Sadness Withdrawal avoiding contact to host nationals Sleeping a lot or unable to sleep Suffering from body aches and pains You might be surprised to find yourself not able to function normally in the new environment. Usually with time you will adapt. It might take 6 months to a year. It is not a linear process.

The positive side of western culture

During the Romantic Movement, artists, authors, and musicians emphasized the dramatic and theatrical aspects of life. They also focused on the importance of the individual. In verse, Pushkin explores the dangers of adopting this new Western culture in Russia. The novel portrays the West as lazy and frivolous, suggesting that if Russia copies their example, then society will deteriorate.

In chapter 5 verse 42, Pushkin uses language to make his condemnation of the idea of Russians emulating the West undeniable and strong.

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The most potent phrasing of this verse is a reference to the French phrase nouveaux riches. Therefore, Pushkin evokes similar negative thoughts about Russians who have recently been introduced to Western culture. He accuses them of having an illness that causes them to partake in the same activities that were popular in the West.

In contrast to these dark images, Pushkin praises the unchanged areas of Russia. However, he continuously exhibits these ideas in his novel.

The Study of Western Culture

In chapter 3 verse 12, he accuses iconic figures of the Romantic Movement, such as Lord Byron, of being immoral and selfish. This displays the West as indulgent to the point of sin. He uses this phrase, despite its positive connotations in Italy, to highlight the frivolity and laziness of Europeans.

Throughout Eugene Onegin, Pushkin paints two pictures: Pushkin does not condone the taking on of European customs in Russia. He illustrates its path to an eventual downfall because those customs exhibit sinful characteristics, such as laziness, frivolity, and self-indulgence.

Pushkin puts those opposing pictures side-by-side in chapter 5 verse 42, and demonstrates the ultimate fatality brought about by the West through his use of both positive and negative language.Positive and negative aspects are generally an individual conception and may not be applied in general.

Many aspects that may appear negative today may have served a good purpose earlier. All aspects have to be judged in ref to time, place and env. The positive effects on western culture on indian youth would be that there are definitely more oppertunities for them.

Ayurveda- branch of holistic healing, is most effective, and without side-effects. There are more than 30 languages spoken in India, inspite of all its diverse people, India is united,and developing fast.

(this is the. Like Santiago, you will experience positive effects of culture shock, the effects of living in a different place. Living in a different culture will give you valuable skills that help you in many aspects of your life and are powerful in aiding . Mar 15,  · western culture is different from Indian culture and we have adopted all the negative of western world without bothering to look at the positive.

The man women relationship in western world is such that they are not even bothered much about man woman while same proximity result in physical relationship at even a school Resolved.

At the same time change is coming. The change is for the good I believe, but for it to become a part of our culture it will take time.

The positive side of western culture

In the modern day India there is now a conflict of culture, some of us have accepted the western idea of feminism and women liberalization, but many of our country men haven't. Unlike the negative culture the positive organizational culture bare very fruitful result for the organization and for those who are working in the organization.

The management has to play the key role weather to promote positive or negative organizational culture.

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