The emergence of the fast fashion

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The emergence of the fast fashion

The start-up seeks to bring an ethical approach to fashion. One big question facing those with ethical concerns in the fashion industry is, who made my clothes?

Nu. is a young Dublin based start-up providing consumers with an alternative to fast-fashion and the unethical modes of production that come with  · Changing consumer habits — including the emergence of e-commerce and the decline of traffic at many malls — is further shortening the life cycle for many fashion The expanding global trade, increased consumer demand, fast fashion, more product accessibility, and competitive pricing have forced suppliers, designers, product manufacturers, and retailers to seek alternative sources of

A question raised a number of years ago when garment workers died and workers were injured in the Rana Plaza disaster. The same question and concern is put forward by Lucy Bowen, the creative director of Nu. I met with Lucy at Central Hotel in the Old Library Bar, to determine how having an ethical fashion approach is bringing a new conscious to consumers, while simultaneously shaping the lives of garment workers far and wide within complex supply chains.

The hedonistic treadmill of fast-fashion has left its unsavoury impact, both socially and environmentally, not least to mention the integrity of the fashion industry as a whole.

The emergence of the fast fashion

The motive behind fast-fashion is held within the name, fashion that is obscenely fast. The crux of which is made possible by cheap labour, an unapologetic concern for workers rights and a blind-sided view for any environmental impact.

Lucy, while pouring a cup of tea, outlines to me, one of the rare times the fast-fashion exploitation and devastating working conditions made it to the main stream news. In the process of manufacturing clothes for the likes of Primark, Benetton and Mango along with otherslarge numbers of garment workers lost their lives when the building they were working in collapsed.

Known as the Rana Plaza incident, this particular event is not isolated. Wages that do not meet the minimum standards, long relentless working hours focused only on the push for high productivity and conditions that are overcrowded and unsanitary are just some of the injustices faced by garment workers.

Fast-fashion oftentimes holds little respect to integrity and has been know to be on the verge of intellectual property theft in respect to designer brands and artists, attempting to produce unauthentic facsimiles.

Being so heavily steeped in trend, fad, and excess Western consumption of fast-fashion is the perfect accompaniment when it comes to our socially mobile driven lives.

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The bombardment of images, from Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat alongside seductive marketing from high street brands presents to us the consumer a world of opportunity, irresistible in decree.

In such a well marketed industry, who has the upper hand, fast-fashion or consumer choice? A voiced consumer conscious is needed for a change from within brands. Why go out and buy yet more clothing that is going to be seldom worn and then dismissed?

Instead Nu suggests that a public wardrobe is a more fulfilling solution to fast-fashion, rooted within sharing, collaboration and providing a community, and this is exactly what Nu have done.

Nu currently provides an online desktop platform for sharing and borrowing clothes and as of current a mobile version is being established and will be released in the near future.

For Nu the goal is remarkably elementary — let us become more sustainable. Buy less, use more, borrow, repair, and spread the word. Awareness is a key for change within fast-fashion.The Emergence of Hip-Hop: How It All Began Posted on November 14, by UkEssayNowcom Hip-hop culture is the vibrant and diverse world that includes rapping, beatboxing, DJ In , the fashion industry will await with baited breath the outcome of the recent disruptions to the fashion cycle.

From the see-now, buy-now movement to joint menswear and womenswear presentations, was a truly disruptive year for the fashion  · Slow, Fast and Super: EV Chargers Conundrum.

S ome time back, the Indian Transport Minister set an audacious goal for India to achieve % electric mobility by [email protected]/slow-fast-and-super-ev-chargers. The expanding global trade, increased consumer demand, fast fashion, more product accessibility, and competitive pricing have forced suppliers, designers, product manufacturers, and retailers to seek alternative sources of 10 Ways the s Invented Today’s Fashion Trends By Sammy 26 Comments s fashion was unlike any other decade because the clothing was as revolutionary and fast-moving as the era’s sweeping social, political and cultural  · The role of the Fashion Designer with regard the emergence of Smart textiles and Wearable technology.

become a mantra of many fast paced industries, such as the fashion industry and within the industry of smart textiles and wearable

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