Subjects to write about songs

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Subjects to write about songs

Blackface Minstrelsy "I suspect that Stephen Foster owed something to this well, this mystery, this sorrow. Something there suggests close acquaintance with my people Foster's ten children plus a son fathered by William before the marriage and later raised as their oldest childwas born July 4,in a white cottage high on the hillside above the Allegheny River in Lawrenceville, east of Pittsburgh.

The tenth child died as an infant, leaving Stephen as the "baby" of the family to be indulged by older brothers and sisters.

Foster's life has become part of American legend. One thread of the tale is that he detested school and so was poorly educated. In truth, as a young boy Stephen evinced more interest in music than in other subjects.

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But as the child of a middle-class family in an era before tax-supported public education, he variously was privately tutored, then schooled at private academies in Pittsburgh and in north-central Pennsylvania. He expressed a distaste for rote learning and recitation, but was an avid reader and eventually became a literate, well-educated person by the standards of his day.

He was musically literate as well; he probably received some formal musical training from a German immigrant, Henry Kleber, an accomplished and versatile musician who eventually exerted a major influence on Pittsburgh's musical life as a performer, composer, music merchant, impresario, and teacher.

As a teen, Foster enjoyed the friendship of young men and women from some of Pittsburgh's most prosperous and respectable families. Stephen, his brother Morrison, and his close friend, Charles Shiras, were all members of an all-male secret club called Knights of the S.

One of their principal activities was singing, with Stephen acting first as song leader and then composer. Some of his earliest songs--perhaps including "Oh! Susanna"--were composed for the group.

His first published song, "Open Thy Lattice Love", appeared from a Philadelphia music publisher when Stephen was only At age 20, Stephen went to work as a bookkeeper for his brother Dunning's steamship firm in Cincinnati.

There he also sold some of his songs and piano pieces to a local music publisher and had his first big hit with "Oh! Their daughter Marion Marion Foster was born the following year. In the couple took a delayed honeymoon, a month-long steamship ride to New Orleans with friends, the only trip Stephen ever made to the deep south he had visited Ohio River towns in Kentucky as a child.

They returned to Pittsburgh later that year, living first in the family home and then a series of boarding houses after both of his parents died in Another thread in the mythic fabric is that Foster dashed off perfect masterpieces in a flash of inspiration, songs expressing the sentiment of American ante-bellum South.

Yet, aside from these absences, visits to the family in Ohio, and until he went to New York for good inStephen spent much of his life in Pittsburgh where he worked consistently at his songwriting, keeping a thick sketchbook to draft ideas for song lyrics and melodies.What do you study at school?

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About Stephen Foster. Foster's Biography; Chronology of Foster's Life; Foster bibliography; Foster's Songs. Foster's works, alphabetical; Foster's works, chronological.

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subjects to write about songs

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