Statistics and overview of phishing attacks

Share this article Analyzing phishing attacks againstmailboxes at organizations Phishing has evolved from a mere nuisance into a global epidemic in which organizations of all sizes and across all industries are being negatively impacted at high frequency. In alone, the SANS Institute revealed that 95 percent of all cyberattacks began with spear-phishing; the Ponemon Institute reported 86 percent of all phishing attacks contain ransomware, and the APWG discovered a 65 percent increase in phishing attacks compared to the previous year, totaling 1, events worldwide. A new Ironscales study analyzed more than 8, verified attacks againstmailboxes at organizations within the financial services, insurance, healthcare and power industries, among others.

Statistics and overview of phishing attacks

Devastating Phishing Attacks Dominate First Half of Jul 11 Last December, we proclaimed to be the year in which phishing went mainstream. Qatar Under Siege — This Gulf nation of 2. Such attacks leveraged both email and SMS texts as attack vectors.

Statistics and overview of phishing attacks

After forensic review, the hackers compromised the POS systems of most Chipotle locations, using the breach to obtain customer credit card data from millions of people.

Through a Microsoft vulnerability, the malware spread across the globe — impacting hundreds of organizations in Russia, Europe, India and the United States.

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The attacker targeted attack successfully used a phishing email to induce employees into wiring the money to overseas bank accounts under his control IRS W2 Tax Season Spear-Phishing Scam — In the United States, a spear-phishing attack proliferated at the beginning of tax season involved attackers sending fake emails — appearing to be from corporate executives — that requested personal information from employees for tax and compliance purposes.

As of mid-March, the attack had compromised more thanpeople at organizations. Google Docs Hacked — Work came to halt for 3 million people worldwide in May when phishers were caught sending fraudulent email invitations to edit Google Docs. WannaCry Shuts Down Business in Countries — What might go down as one of the worst cyber attacks in history, the WannaCry ransomware attack is suspected of having impacted more thanpeople in countries.

As such, spear phishing, email impersonation and spoofing are major catalysts for the rise of CEO fraud and business email compromise BEC attacks, because some people, regardless of awareness training, still click on phishing emails.

Not to mention, malicious emails sitting in employee inboxes are not being dealt with fast enough, and security teams are under staffed and overburdened by hundreds of daily reported security events to deal with manually.

Robust Detection and Prevention.A phishing attack requires lots of preparation before releasing it. But phishing often works and is widely used.

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As we saw in an earlier video, in , the Austrian company FACC Operations lost. How many phishing attacks happened in ?

Obviously, it would be impossible to give a concrete number for how many phishing attacks happened in We have some numbers to go by, but the majority of attempts likely go unreported.

Phishing attacks rely upon a mix of technical deceit and social engineering practices. In the majority of cases, the phisher must persuade the victim to intentionally perform a series of actions that will provide access to confidential information.

Protect Your Organization from Phishing Attacks State of the Phish™ This report analyzes data from tens of millions of simulated phishing attacks sent through Wombat’s Security Education Platform over a month period, as well as an extensive survey of our database of infosec professionals.

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The average financial cost of spear phishing attacks (in the last 12 months) among the 88 respondents who had suffered a spear phishing attack was $ million. The vast majority were U.S. companies.

Statistics and overview of phishing attacks

For the U.S. businesses, the average cost of spear phishing attacks was $ million. Blast campaigns have become micro-targeted – 47 percent of email phishing attacks lasted less than 24 hours while 65 percent of email phishing attacks lasted for less than 30 days.

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