Role and conflict

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Role and conflict

Gender and Conflict Gender and Conflict: The role of woman in conflict By Alphonse Kasongo The following discussion addresses the role of gender and its effects on conflicts and conflict resolution styles. Personal experiences will be provided to exemplify certain aspects of the discussion.

Research that has examined contributions of women to society has produced some observations that are generalizable to many cultures. In western societies for example, regardless of their demographic consideration, women constitute or are forced into the position of a minority group.

Gender and Conflict communities. They play the central role in maintaining the unity of their communities. For example, as elements of traditional education, conflict prevention and conflict resolution were the roles reserved for and successfully played by women in pre-colonial Africa.

In fact, before the westernization of its educational system, African society had developed a conflict resolution method used in mediation based on storytelling technique that circulated the large number of cultural myths that characterized the process of African socialization.

Every African people tribe has its own body of myths, stories, joke- telling, legends and oral history that most of the time are used to legitimate public policy or the rule of wisdom in resolving social conflicts.

Furthermore, in this tradition and as a cultural component or element of socialization, a woman is equipped to see conflict as an opportunity to build a relationship while a man, who privileges confrontation, considers conflict as an element of and a prospect for competition.

I remember my father telling me that when they were growing up, young boys were trained in the defense of the village. For several weeks, they had to attend training camps that equipped them with techniques and strategies to tackle any incoming aggression. At the same time, he said, young women were trained on how to raise family in case of husband dies in combat.

Gender and Conflict: The role of woman in conflict | Alphonse Kasongo -

They were trained as to how to handle children education and disputes. They were learning how to become a good storyteller and tell the brave stories of their communities.

In their time, according to my father, men were supposed to scare while women provided comfort and reassurance. Whenever we did something wrong or did not do what we were supposed to complete, my mother will repeat that sentence indicating to us that the worse is yet to come, the scary and the 3 KASONGO paper II: In her theoretical overview, Rosaldo cited by Augsburger,p.

The study of Rosemary Ridd Augsburger,p. This statement indicates that the way men and women act toward a particular social fact as defined by Emile Durkheim, in Ritzer,p.

It is my view that even if we have been in contact with other culture, our cultural background and personal experiences will remain an influential element in defining our conflict style and mediation process. The reference to cultural background makes our cultural paradigm appears more static and less dynamic.

We mediate conflicts or resolve them with regard to our personal life experiences, perceptions, and beliefs. Gender and Conflict interpretation of those perceptions depends on whether we are male or female, young person or old person. Age and gender, then determine the cultural context within which we frame those definitions and therefore our social and experiential perceptions.This interactive conflict resolution lesson will get your students up and moving as they role play solving real life conflicts.

Students will pair up and travel through 8 stations, where they will role play various conflicts and work to find a solution.

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has its roots in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with the birth of major nationalist movements among the Jews and among the Arabs, both geared towards attaining sovereignty for their people in the Middle East. The collision between those two forces in southern Levant and the emergence of Palestinian nationalism in the s eventually escalated into.

The graphics and documents listed below have been developed by Living Justice Press in collaboration with experienced Circle practitioners who are involved with training and education. The first is known as intra-role conflict, which is when there are incompatible components within the same role.

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Role and conflict

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