Retailing learnings of an intern essay

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Retailing learnings of an intern essay

Transkript 1 Abstract Purpose A major growth is seen in the market of men s personal care products worldwide. This paper aims to provide empirical evidence of a behavioral model to explain males consumption and purchasebehavior of personal care-products for men. A discussion of the findings will provide insights into how the cosmetic-industry should market themselves toward the Danish male consumers.

More specifically, the research intends to clarify the impact of a total 20 variables that drives the purchase of personal care products for men. The drivers socio culture, advertising, lifestyle, an act of pleasure, quality consciousness, health, age, physical attractiveness and perceived control are mediated through the variables attitude, subjective norms, self-identity and behavioral intention.

The internal MOA variables are identified as habit buyingroutine, knowledge, brand consciousness and perceived behavioral control PBC.

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To validate the model a survey was conducted and distributed to Danish male consumers in the ages between The total sample consists of respondents of which are valid for further analysis and test of the model.

Also, a cluster analysis was conducted aiming to segment the consumers, determined by their consumption and purchase behavior. The estimated model provides performance indexes for each variable in the model and impact scores for the relationships between the variables. These results are discussed including results from mystery shopping at a major cosmetic-retailer, focusing on managerial implications with the aim to provide operational marketing initiatives.

Furthermore, three consumer segments were identified.

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The main differences between the three segments are: Further research The paper examines the whole category within personal care products for men.

Thereby the model and the measurement system are generic, and should be applicable to all types of products within personal care for men. Though, we expect higher explanatory power of the model, when only focusing on a single product group or a single brand. Also we suggest testing this model in other countries, for identification of cultural differences.

Lastly we suggest further research into the construct of the MOA variables - especially routine and knowledge - which were found to have a significant impact on men s behavior when buying personal care products. The Danish market for men s personal care products An empirical study of men s consumer behavior within personal care products Udarbejdet af: August Antal sider: Skema Bilag 6 Fokusgruppe: Skema Bilag 8 Fokusgruppe: Supermarked og bekvemmelighed Bilag 19 Krydstabel: Item reliability Bilag 34 PLS: Discriminant validity Bilag 36 PLS: Total Effects Bilag 43 Mystery shopping: Yderligere gives forslag til videre forskning inden for emnet.

Inspiration af Andersen I del I opstilles afhandlingens teoretiske referenceramme for den videre analyse. Derudover indeholder afsnittet en grundig gennemgang af relevante teorier og studier inden for emnet.

Metoden er hypotetisk-deduktiv, idet referencerammen testes og valideres til anvendelse i den videre analyse og diskussion.Feb 06,  · Annabel Lee contains a compartmentalisation of symbols all throughout. One major symbol a ref first comes across, in If you regard to get a full essay, gild it on our website: If you want to get a full essay, visit our page: cheap Retailing: Learnings of an intern; Comparison of the Beatles "A hard days.

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Retailing learnings of an intern essay

Luck I submitted a poor report because everything just happened to go against me. For instance.

Retailing learnings of an intern essay

Human Resource Management. I iBooks Author CHAPTER 2 Human Resource Management This document is authorized for internal use only at IBS campuses - Batch of - Semester II.

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