Rap is poetry essay

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Rap is poetry essay

Using the basics of the blues style of music, rap is all about emotions and the personal interpretation of reality by the author of the song. Rap, then, should be considered as a definition essay of sort.

Rap music is an American minority artist creation. Rap is spoken word, rap is slang from the street corners of your brain. Rap is smoking herb, rappers recite truthful social bombs, preachers even rap it just comes out in a religious form.

Rap is the heart and soul of citizens in the tall cold walls of property. Rap is the story of the time when people lost all control.

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Rap is regional, descriptive, and ethnic. Rap is regional, much like dialects.


Different parts of the nation live in different manners. Every regional has its own story to tell, so in rap a song should tell the story of its region. Whenever a group of people is locked within the margins of American social discourse, that community may find it necessary to scream or chant or rap to be heard.

It should come as no surprise, then, that alienation serves to be the medium for counter-cultural movements. Discontentment is only the beginning. Each region should have its on flare, its on personality.

Genuine rap informs its listeners about the current social climate. For example, if the mayor of a city has recently been convicted for misusing public funds, it would surely be in a rap song. If a guy went into a courtroom and shot the judge, bailiff, and the court reporter it would most likely be in a rap song.

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Unlike most of the lyrics out on the market today, genuine rap contains meaning and it sends a message to the listeners. Their music represents their area and their people, and it is no different from a farmer singing about his cows and chickens out in farmland. Besides, Gangster Rap is not the only type of rap music; it is actually only part of it all.

Rap is poetry essay

What makes rappers remarkable compared to other artists are their strength and choice of words, and their flow, or the melody, of their rhymes to flow on beat.

Finally, rap music should communicate to the masses.

Rap is poetry essay

Often times when people hear about rap music, they will paint a picture in their heads of black men cussing, guns, marijuana.A poem may serve a purpose, such as sharing an emotion, teaching a lesson, commenting on society, describing a mood, or conveying any other theme the whatever the author wishes..

I would tell the Academy of American Poets that rap is the poetry of today just like rock and roll was a few years ago/5(2). Feb 16,  · I think music vs poetry would work great as a compare and contrast essay. Those other ideas would be harder to compare, but very easy to contrast.

With music and poetry the lyrics in most songs is some form of yunusemremert.com: Resolved. I could see it in their eyes they because it wasn’t put in rhythm, t They couldn’t tell which was in ve Hip hop or Literature?

They didn’ Was it Pac or Shakespeare? as the. Eminem And Rap, Poetry, Race Essays by Scott F. Parker Skip to main content Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Perfect for poetry unit, annotate poetry, literary analysis, rap as poetry, rap is poetry, poetic rap #teachpoetryhighschool Find this Pin and more on Pop Culture Classroom: ELA by Teach to Thrive.

iRubric JX73AX4: Students will create a song, poem or rap in which they give their explanation of their Histoircal Figure and Event.. Free rubric builder and assessment tools.

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