Peacock paper plates

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Peacock paper plates

I thought you might enjoy seeing peacock party favors, gifts and prizes from the second annual, My Favorite Things Party. The theme of the party was Birds of a Feather, Gather Together.

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Eventually, I also plan to feature the menu, decorations, games and activities, and gift exchange. Catchup posting as fast as I can! I had a great time shopping for prizes and gifts, and crafting peacock party favors.

Favors for My Favorite Chicks I had seen gorgeous peacock feather glasses on Pinterest and in Etsy shops, for champagne toasts at peacock theme weddings.

Peacock paper plates

They were the main peacock party favor. The goblets are inexpensive and more heavy-duty glass. That makes the glasses easier to handle while painting. In order to be top-rack dishwasher safe, directions call to bake the painted glasses at a low temperature.

A second option is to let them cure air-dry for three weeks. I opted for the cure option, afraid what might happen to all my work in an oven. For convenience, I provided a drying rack next to the sink to rinse the peacock goblets, with clear plastic sleeves to take them home.

Somehow my glass disappeared that night!

Paper Plate Peacock

I had worried the peacock party favors would look really cheap, and that no one would want to actually take them home. But everyone seemed to really like them.

The best compliment was the number of ladies who had assumed I had bought them! Dumb me decided I wanted eight paper feathers with little jewels on each one! The feathers took forever to cut out, glue together and embellish.

Add that to all the detailing and construction with tiny elements, and they were not one of my favorite craft projects.

Punch Studio: Dragonfly & Peacock Stationary & Gifts

But the results, well I love how the peacock party favors turned out! What do you think? The peacock bodies are actually Stampin Up! My crafty friend, M, lent me the die template and her Big Shot machine.

She even created the first prototype for me. M is very creative, and very modest. You should see all the creatures and characters M has made for her family.

Inside each peacock box were three numbers and one paper feather. The numbers were for each round of the gift exchange like a lottery. I created a sheet with numbers on the computer, and printed it on three different color sheets of paper.


Party guests checking out their lottery numbers for the selection of gifts. The feathers were also cut from three different color sheets. Depending on the color of the enclosed feather, a guest could either claim a gift from the pile, steal from another guest, or defend against the steal.decorative paper plates and napkins - Caspari Peacock Caspari Peacock 20 Count Paper Cocktail Napkins, Gold Adapt the elegance of a formal table setting to everyday life with luxury paper plates and napkins from caspari.

I was able to pick up a set of peacock plates here, and found a set of the pink that were no longer available here for sale by Zak! Designs over on Amazon, so if your preferred colors, or dish gets discontinued on this site, be sure to check their Amazon page in case there are any extras floating around over there.

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