Narrative report on the first pta gener essay

Av the moment when the XXIXth Congress is about for the first time to assemble, and when the aspect of our public affairs is troubled and portentous, it cannot be misplaced nor ill-timed, that we should devote some space to the con- sideration of the position and duties, in its present relation to the country, of the Whig Party. Of that party it is not needful for us to speak in praise. Identified with it in opinions, aims and hopes, eulogy at our hands could hardly claim the merit of impartiality. Moreover, the office we desire to discharge is not that of a flat- terer, who will see no faults, Altho they were as huge as high Olympus, but of an earnest, faithful friend, whose aim it is rather to serve than to please; and who, as one standing without the immediate vortex of the great political whirlpool, is in a condition to discern more accurately than those within its eddying sweep, the drift and tendency of the struggling elements.

Narrative report on the first pta gener essay

IN the winter ofthe outlook of the present writer, known somewhere as Samuel Absalom, became exceedingly troubled, and indeed scarcely respect- able. Those who came behind him might read as they ran, stamped on canvas once white, Stockton Mills.

One morning, after sleeping out the night in the streets of Oroville, he got up, and read these words, or some like them, in the village newspaper The heavy frost which fell last night brings with it at least one source of congratulation for our citizens.

Soon the crowd of vagrant street-sleepers, which infests our town, will be forced to go forth and work for warmer quarters. It has throughout this summer been the ever-present nuisance and eyesore of our otherwise beautiful and romantic moonlit nights. Listen to this scoundrel I said he; how he can insult an unfortunate man!

Once, no one knew but this battered hat I sit under might partially cover the head of a nobleman or man of honor; but mcii begin to show their quality by the out- side, as they do elsewhere in the world, and are judged and spoken to according ly.

I will shake California dust from my feet, and he gone! I will go down and assist General Walker, said I. So next morning found me on my way to San Francisco, with a roll of blankets on my shoulder and some small pieces of money in my pocket.

Of my voyage down I do not intend to speak; several unpublished sensations might have been picked up in that steerage crowd of The Experience of Samuel Absalom, Filibuster.

Whilst the great crowd of home-bound passengers, with infinite din and shout- ing, are bustling down the gangways to- ward the shore, our little party of twenty or thirty Central American regenerators assemble on the ships bow, and answer to our names as read out by a small, mild-featured man, whom at a glance 1 should have thought no filibuster.

It seems he was our captain pro tern. He had made the voyage on the cabin side of the ship, and I saw him now for the first time. We followed this our chief down the vessels side to the shore, catching a glimpse of Fate as we passed over the old hulk in our course.

It was one of Walkers soldiers in the last stage of fe- ver. His skiu was as yellow and glazed as. His eyes are with his heart, and that is far away, carried back by the bustling scene to an- other shore, the goal of that passing crowd, never more to gladden his dim eye.

The unrelenting grasp of death was on him; and even now, perhaps, the waves are rolling his bleaching bones to and fro on that distant beach. I say that this dismal omen damped the spir- it of us all.

But nothing in this world can long dishearten the brave; we soon grow lighter, and, marching alon0 in the crowd, blackguard effectively the witty or witless dogs that crack jokes at us and forebode hard fate ahead of us.

When we came into the town of San Juan, we found there a general and col- onel of the filibuster army, and reported ourselves forthwith as a party of recruits just arrived and at their service. The general was altogether absorbed hob- nobbing with the old friends whom he had discovered in the passenger crowd, and would not listen to us; but the col- onel pointed out an empty building, and told us to drop our luggage there, and amuse ourselves until we heard further from him.

It consisted of half a dozen board hotels, and a litter of native grass-thatched huts, and lay at the foot of a high, woody spur, which curves out into the sea and forms the southern rim of a beautiful little harbor, completed by another less elevated I oint jutting out on the north.

The country inland is entirely shut out by a dense forest, into which the Transit road plung- es and is immediately lost. Whilst I was walking about this sequestered place, now all alive with the California passengers, a party of Walkers cavalry came riding in from the interior, and at once drew all eyes upon them.

They were mounted on horses or mules of every color, shape, and size, themselves yellow-faced, rag- ged, and dirty; nevertheless, their lead- ly garniture, rifles, revolvers, and bowie- knives, and their fierce and shaggy looks, kept them from being laughed at.

Narrative report on the first pta gener essay

They dismounted and tied their beasts in front of one of the hotels, and then dispersed about the town in search of whatever was refreshing. From these men we learned that Gen- eral Walkers prospects were never so fair as now.

His enemies, they said, worn out and ready to despair, had Irawn off to Granada, where they now lay irreso- lute and quarrelling amongst themselves. This news was not satisfac- tory to all of us. A small, bright-eyed youth, from the California theatre, who had been noted on the voyage down for his loud talking, declared that for his part he had come to Nicaragua to fight, and, now that there was no more fighting to be lone, he would pass through and take ship for the United States.

The filibusters smiled at each other grimly, and told him, if that was the difficulty, he had better not go, for Walker intended driviur the enemy out of Granada short- ly, and he would there find all that he wanted.

And well it was that they sat- isfied him to stay; for on that day this youth went without his dinner because he had no cent in his pocket to buy it, and ship-captains refuse to assist all such as lie under that unhappy cloud. Oh, thou light-bodied son of Thespis! Where art thou now? I saw thee last, with heavy musket on thy shoulder, marching wearily to the assault of San Jorge.

Did the vultures tear thee there? Or art thou still somewhere amongst men, blowing the great deeds wrought by thy feathery arm that day?The ARRL Letter May 07, added by wa0khp days ago.

Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center published a report detailing his land purchases in Leith, which is located in a county that is 97 percent white. "It's the first time Bollywood has ever been performed on the Miss America stage and it's such an honor for myself, my.

Amicitia and the Unity of Juvenal's First Book RICHARD A. LAFLEUR 1 1. Irony of Overstatement in the Satires of Juvenal 1 78 S. C.

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FREDERICKS Satira and Satiricus in Late Latin KENNETH M. ABBOTT viii Contents The event is sponsored by First Baptist Church of West College Hill Men and Women’s Day Committee. For more information, con- tact the church at Northminster Presbyter- ian Church and Housing Opportunities Made Equal are uniting for a special Community Seminar regard- ing Housing Rights and Foreclosure Prevention at 7 p.m.

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