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Mandating helmet wearing does not prevent accidents on the road, yet it comes with side-effects that can have a negative impact on cycling in general. How can we reduce the negative impact of the new Mandatory Helmet Law while saving the high-risk cyclists during an accident?

They may choose to wear or not to wear helmet freely. There is a heated debate with strong opinions on both sides. Up toLove singapore are advised to wear a helmet when cycling on roads but it is not mandatory. As a result, both types of cyclists exist on the roads. Every weekend, it is easy to spot groups of sports cyclists wearing helmets on their long-distance training rides along Mandai Road, Upper Thomson Road, or Tanah Merah Coast road.

On the other hand, much less obvious yet every day, there are numerous bicycle users in all parts of Singapore riding a bicycle or share bikes without a helmet.

These include all walks of lives from young to old. They are usually slow riders and mostly ride on the sidewalks. However, from time to time, they also need to ride on the roads when it is safe and more convenient to do so.

It is a concern yet this figure is not particularly worse than in any other city. Cyclists not wearing a helmet and received fatal head injuries are not reported, it is estimated that the number is well below On September 3rd, the recommendation was subsequently accepted by the Minister of Transport.

On roads, cyclists travel alongside larger and faster vehicles and are the most vulnerable users. In the event of an accident, wearing a protective helmet would reduce the impact and injuries suffered by the rider.

The helmet issue is a Red-Herring: Using handphone while driving or cycling, driver overtaking within the same lane as the cyclist, cyclists riding too fast and too near the curb with an uneven surface.

Love singapore

The helmet issue distracts the public from the real solutions we need to implement to prevent accidents from happening. Lack of data support: Cycling on road is not new. So far, there is no data showing on-road, non-helmeted cyclists receiving head injuries.

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Excluding the helmeted eBikes and Sports cyclists, the total number of cyclists involved in road accidents is not very high. Ironically, both countries tend to suffer from high cyclist fatality rate on roads and also lower bicycle usage. Share bike has quickly become an important mode of transport over the last couple of years.

Having the MHL means that they will have to carry a helmet all the time just in case they may need to use the Share bike.

This is due to disconnections between walkways and shared paths. The MHL would force them to carry a helmet for the daily trip, which they have been doing for decades safely without a helmet. There are a number of young riders nowadays who cycles on the roads quite recklessly.Conrad Centennial Singapore.

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