Hiv diagnosis essay

Preventing progression A post-exposure prophylaxis or PEP drug may be taken within 72 hours of exposure to HIV and has a high success rate in reducing new infections. The most effective way of slowing or stopping the progression of HIV is through early diagnosis and appropriate drug therapy.

Hiv diagnosis essay

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Hire Writer Many people have symptoms after their primary infection that may include: If the infection is detected during the primary infection period, the patient may have a much better outcome with early treatment. The primary phase is followed by the latent phase, when the patient is asymptomatic.

Hiv diagnosis essay

This phase lasts an average of 10 years. The latent phase is followed by overt-AIDS. If untreated, this phase can lead to death within years, or sooner.

Hiv diagnosis essay

Men who have unprotected sex with men are at the greatest risk for acquiring HIV. Testing is recommended at least once per year for sexually active persons.

Enzyme immunoassay test results take up to two weeks 4 Rapid HIV antibody test results take minutes 4 Both tests may be done using blood, oral fluid, or urine.

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If a positive result from either of the previous two tests, a Western Blot test must be performed. Testing may not be positive even in the presence of infection if testing occurs shortly after infection.

The results of the Western Blot test may take up to two weeks. Used in testing of babies born to HIV positive mothers to determine if the babies themselves are positive 4 Home testing kits Home test kits may be purchased at most pharmacies.

A small blood sample is mailed in and the patient is contacted with results. Some of the methods include: Correct and consistent use of condoms 2. Abstinence or mutual monogamous long-term relationships 3. Regular testing for HIV 4. Use of sterile syringes by IV drug users 5.

Antiretroviral treatment for those infected5 6.

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Treatment focuses on slowing down the replication of the virus. Typically this involves using a combination of medications. The current standard treatment is a combination of three to four antiviral medications which is referred to as high active antiretroviral therapy or HAART.Free Essay: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was once considered a taboo disease that made its appearance in the United States around the late s.

KEY POINTS: There is a cyclical relationship between stigma and HIV; people who experience stigma and discrimination are marginalised and made more vulnerable to HIV, while those living with HIV are more vulnerable to experiencing stigma and discrimination.

What are the early signs of HIV in men? A prompt diagnosis allows people with Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper. Essay # 1. Introduction to HIV: The full term for the word AIDS is Acquired Immu­nodeficiency Syndrome.

There is a relation between infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and . Learn about HIV, its stages, Also included is information about campaigns related to the prevention and diagnosis of hepatitis B and C. More on Campaigns. HIV is a virus that affects the immune system over time.

Nowadays, treatment can slow or stop progression, enabling a person with the virus to live a healthy and normal life. Without treatment.

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