English english newspaper research teach using

Received in February Approved in March Published in April This research was conducted because there is a possibility to introduce online newspaper to the students to improve their ability in grammar mastery due to the rapidity of technology development. Online newspaper and grammar were chosen because online newspaper contains grammar which was written straightly correct because it will be read by all of people. The problem of this research is how effective the use of online newspaper in the learning of grammar is, and the purpose of this research is to find out whether it is effective or not. They were chosen because I had been experienced in teach them and know their grammar mastery is still low.

English english newspaper research teach using

As well as considering the rationale for the employment of such material, the writer also outlines several possible constraints that might arise and ways to overcome them. Several examples of how such material could be exploited are presented as practical illustrations of how useful newspaper text can be in the teaching and learning of English, grammar.

Introduction The notion of using newspaper text as a resource for language learning is not very original. This type of project aims to encourage the use of the newspaper as a language learning resource.

In an edition of a leading English language teaching ELT journal two articles appear which exploit newspaper articles; one of the purpose of "language awareness" Wright and Bolitho, and the other for "genre analysis" Flowerdew, There are examples of whole textbooks devoted to the exploitation of newspaper based material for language learning purposes.

In this article the focus will be on the use of newspaper material for the purpose of exploring the grammar of English. Whatever the different arguments, positions and ideas put forward by ELT professionals about the role and nature of grammar, no serious teacher " This debate has necessarily included the issue of what grammar to teach, how to teach it, how much to teach, and how explicitly to teach it.

This was articulated by EL course designers in Kuwait for instance, who asked: The need for grammar therefore is a real one. What the more recent emphasis on learner centeredness and communication in ELT has done is to encourage a more imaginative and eclectic approach to the area of grammar teaching and learning.

We now have an ideal where grammar is not the sole focus of lessons but rather an integral part of learning to communicate effectively in the target language. Into this frame, newspaper text as a resource for grammar activities fits in.

The issue of grammar and its place in the ELT syllabus is not confined to ideology or methodology. The definition of the term is difficult in itself. The descriptive categories used in the examples and descriptions that follow are labels that are familiar and "traditional" in the sense that they represent a shared grammar metalanguage.

Of course there may be quibbles about the exact purview of terms and the scope of definitions, but generally the categories used are part of the common terminology ELT professionals and learners use to depict the grammar of English.

Rationale Teachers can find newspaper materials a useful source of enrichment in the teaching of grammar for a number of reasons. It is useful to consider three main areas related to the rationale for using such text.

Many materials appear to be based on a rather restricted "rules, examples and exercises" approach. It is restricted because most often it is concerned with sentence level and discrete point items.

This can appear abstract and help lend a rarefied and academic air to the study of grammar. A good example of this approach is the series of grammar texts by Betty Azar.

These books focus at the sentence, discrete point level and by themselves may not help learners improve their language performance. Materials which are more embedded in context and which show "grammar in action" help illustrated how grammar contributes to communicative effectiveness.

Newspaper material is just such material. Published materials are usually pitched at some kind of "general audience" Richards, Therefore, they cannot be expected to meet the specific needs of specific learners.

Such materials may not be at an appropriate level of difficulty for certain groups; they may not match the needs or requirements of learning situations or contexts. Teachers select or assign tasks to exploit the material with the focus on their learners and their needs.

English english newspaper research teach using

The question of cultural appropriacy is one that arises with the use of set texts, especially those which originate in a different cultural setting to that in which they are used.

While unfamiliar material may be motivational in itself because of its "strangeness" or novelty, there is an argument for providing English to learners in cultural contexts they are familiar with for positive motivational reasons Adaskou et al, The area of motivation has been touched on in relation to cultural appropriacy.

It is also claimed that "authentic" materials, real life language data and so on do contribute to learner interest and motivation.And finally, based on the research that has been conducted, it was not proved that using English online newspaper in the learning of grammar is effective.

The use of English online newspaper in improving students’ grammar is not more effective than using textbook. Improving Students’ Speaking through Communicative Language Teaching Method at Abstract The main purpose of this study is to know the improvement of teaching English speaking by using Communicative Language Teaching method.

The method of this research is classroom action research (CAR). This research indicates that the using . Using newspapers in teaching English as a second language Journal of Educational Research and Reviews Vol.

2(5), pp.


, August ISSN: opine that using newspaper to teach reading and writing demonstrates the concepts of . A Teacher's Guide to Using Newspapers to Enhance Language Arts Skills.

By: Critical thinking is the natural outgrowth of using a newspaper to learn. Unlike textbooks, which are several years outdated by the time they get into students' hands, the newspaper comes alive with information. I think this site is very useful for English.

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English english newspaper research teach using
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