Courtesy time and good manners

These good manners evolve from time to time as they reflect our cultural norms and other ethical codes as rules in various groups or occasions.

Courtesy time and good manners

Common Courtesy I have for long nursed a sneaking conviction that kindness gets you nowhere. That if you try to be always kind or gentle, you are dubbed as spineless, weak or wish-washy.
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25 Etiquette Rules You Should Never Forget Learning by listening to everybody and knowing that human knowledge is never perfect are a leitmotif.

Weblinks The Stepford Wives Etiquette Page The Stepford Wives Organization has a large collection of books, clipping, and articles on proper etiquette and manners for our ladies. The Guide to Gracious Living.

Therefore, we hearken back to an era before cell phones and I-phones were invented, before people talked through a luncheon on phones with their mouths full: The days when time was more freely available.

While we spend our free time usually at the end of the day putting these pieces together, please check back regularly to see what we keep in our notebooks. When a woman goes out with her husband, the dynamics of behaving in public is infinitely different from when she goes it alone.

Flying solo, she has to make sure she sends a clear resounding message to men that she has been spoken for: When she is with her husband, she can let down her guard, and devote her attention to him.

Here is a list of things we at the Stepford Wife Organization feel a good wife should follow when she is out and about with her husband: Always dress your best, but dress conservatively. Never flaunt yourself, just because you have a man to protect you from leering eyes.

Remember, you only dress sexy in the privacy of your home, for your man! Carry yourself in a dignified, chaste, and demure way. Always thank your husband when he pulls out chairs, holds doors, or assists you. At restaurants, the man always orders for the both of you. Let him decide what you should have, or if he asks you what you would like, ask him then what he thinks may be a good dish.

Remember to always smile around your man. It shows that you are there to please him. We Stepford ladies have mentioned it here before: Remember, every second you deny from paying attention to your own gratification means another second devoted to giving your husband the pleasure his sex is entitled to.

In our world, the girls in the organization believe that to give physical pleasure and gratification to our husbands, is - in and of itself - the pinnacle of feminine indulgence and achievement.

We never pursue a sexual climax for ourselves when we pleasure our husbands. The sheer benefit of being able to give a man physical satisfaction is already a reward of the highest honor.For, after all, good manners cost nothing.

Here are 25 Rules of Good Manners and Etiquette Everyone Should Know (And Follow!)

Soft words and politeness cannot be as taxing as not worthy of use. If there is anything we need badly today, in the rush and cut-throat competition of life, it is decent manners, which lubricate the roughness of competition.

Definition of tip written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and . Courtesy begets courtesy” is just a gem of practical wisdom. It seems to me that it’s about time we recycled some of these old saws our parents drummed into our ears.

The value of good manners can scarcely be overestimated. Roosevelt once wrote to his son, “My boy, study to be courteous.” There is a pleasant and an unpleasant way to perform all the little duties of life.

Apr 22,  · Remember the basic success principle underlying all manners and etiquette: Think about other people’s feelings first, because it’s still not all about you. Enjoy your time . Teaching Children Good Etiquette and Manners By Katherine Lee.

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Courtesy time and good manners
Courtesy | Definition of Courtesy by Merriam-Webster