Business plan for technopreneur in malaysia real jinnat

The launching pad-event created by MAD Incubator will take place on 24th October, just about a week away. The MAD TechVentures was initiated in with the aim to provide startups a launch pad to launch their products.

Business plan for technopreneur in malaysia real jinnat

He guides entrepreneurs from conception of business to product development and business growth. Previous literature on entrepreneurial learning is disseminated and not properly organized; it is difficult to even find pertinent and comprehensive articles on entrepreneurial learning.

The research proposed in this article helps mentors to understand and find out what type of entrepreneurs need what kind of mentoring support.

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This article proposes a conceptual model for mentors and discusses that an entrepreneur may need different mentoring support and skills depending on the type of entrepreneurs, personality traits, or decision-making style and phase at which entrepreneurs are at that moment.

This article will also help mentors in understanding what type of skills entrepreneurs need at each stage of mentoring relationship, that is, initiation, cultivation, separation, and redefinition stage. Mentoring is different from other related forms of discrete support such as teaching and coach- Different researchers define entrepreneurship differently.

Mentoring can be accomplished in a variety In English, entrepreneur denotes the person who starts of forms, such as helping a disturbed youth. Also, a lot of a new business and takes all the responsibility and outcome. Entrepreneur innovates either for own satisfaction or for ees.

Aims of such mentoring packages are to encourage and economic independence.

business plan for technopreneur in malaysia real jinnat

Entrepreneur is bearer of uncertainty and risk taker. The frequent defi- the dimension of relationship that increases the probability nition of entrepreneur was developed by McClelland Mentoring relationships are usually of static degree of proactivity. According to him, the successful entre- nature, unlike relationships created by human beings for all preneurs commit to others whether they are customers or shareholders.


This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3. Qualities of a Mentor. Memon, abd Rozan, Uddin, Shah, and Dzurllkanian Stages of Mentoring Kram, ; B. Initiation Cultivation Separation Redefinition Engagement phase Active phase Ending phase Friendship phase Establishing identity of dyad as entity Confirmation of role Physical and emotional separation Supportive colleagues Forging attachment to one another Mutuality of self-disclosure Obtaining closure Possible friendship Clear relational boundaries Information sharing of their faults and good qualities that change and develop who matches with the qualities he or she is looking for.

Memon, abd Rozan, Uddin, Shah, and Dzurllkanian described 13 different aspects, which At Initiation Stage 2, individuals informally enter into a were categorized into objective and subjective qualities a mentoring relationship. The relationship is not formal as mentor should posses as shown in Table 1.

At this stage, both mentor qualities is different. There may be lack of communication at Downloaded from by guest on March 6, Memon et al. Trust starts to develop as the mentor and mentee get to know each This stage generally defines the end of a mentoring relation- other, start meeting often, and discuss professional and per- ship.

The relationship may end because of different reasons. Here, a third party manages the matching process of the mentor and mentee instead of letting them initiate relationships on their own and to not become dependent. Good matching programs are dependent on demographic variables as well as common It is the obligation of both mentor and mentee to make professional interests.PM ’s vision Auto Master Plan Action Plan Matrix Become Business-MOI-experts agree on “Detroit of Asia” targets for car/motorcycle production & export.

Development Plan (RPJM) clearly specified the government commitment to strengthen SMEs, e.g., through the“ development of science centers and actualization of incubator role and technical implementation units and Technopreneur development, such.

For the Business Plan category, teams of maximum four members, comprising a combination of undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and academic and non-academic personnel, were required to submit a comprehensive business plan detailing the commercial viability.

The MSC Malaysia – IHL Business Plan Competition (MIBPC) is a national level business plan competition organised by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) in alliance with the Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) in Malaysia annually. According to the Technopreneurs Association of Malaysia, “Technopreneur” means a person who uses the application of digital technology [that is, an economy based on the digitization of information and the respective information and communications infrastructure including the technology therein involved] to industrial or commercial.

Dato’ Douglas Cheng Heng Lee is a successful Malaysian entrepreneur with diverse interests in various business sectors. Douglas builds business and professional networks with ease, no doubt aided by his charismatic and easy-going Businessman, Investor, Entrepreneur.

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