Business plan environmental impact

Reduce CO2 emissions in the product lifecycle

Business plan environmental impact

Share via Email Industries such as agriculture have a huge impact on the environment and communities that live near their operations. For example, the protection of natural systems requires good social conditions and is unlikely to happen during war.

Similarly the survival of society needs a supportive natural environment, not one ravaged by climate change. But neither will happen unless we manage scarce resources at our disposal more successfully in both financial and environmental terms.

And in terms of social impact. Many companies have social goals: But what is 'social'? How do we factor the social impact of companies and their contribution to sustainability? Companies also impact on communities. Particularly those that have a significant direct impact on the natural environment, such as mining or oil extraction, agriculture or heavy manufacturing.

It matters greatly to those living near their operations how they are carried out and what degree of care is taken over impacts on health for example.

Some companies, particularly mining and oil firms, may even create communities in order to operate. The living conditions of such workers are an inescapable part of the social responsibility of the company.

The social impacts of removing communities or clearing land in order to operate are even more powerful.

business plan environmental impact

So the social impact of a large dam or other major infrastructure projects may be profound. At its worst, it can destroy lives; at best it will destroy a way of life. Human rights and labour relations also matter.

Companies of all kinds have a role to play in ensuring that there is no discrimination in the way their staff are managed, promoted and trained, and that they have decent conditions of work.

All these impacts are much easier to identify than measure. Measurement of social impact is hard because to reduce human experience to numbers is to fail to capture some part of it. This does not mean that any kind of measurement is useless.

But it does mean that complacent reliance on a set of numbers is bound to seem unsatisfactory. There are a number of important social impacts that are much easier to measure, but about which companies are reluctant to be transparent.

One of these is tax. The payment of tax is one of the most important contributions to society that most companies make. It is also one that they can be most secretive about - mainly because the countries in which they add value through their operations often bear little relationship to those where they are liable for taxes.

However the social impacts of companies go far beyond even the kinds of substantive consequences listed above. At its broadest, social impact includes anything that affects company-stakeholder relationships: From how small shareholders may be treated to the impact of alcohol on health and communities.

Nevertheless companies don't run our lives. One of the stakeholder relationships that companies cultivate with great care is that with government and the state. This can be legal or illegal. In countries where corruption is most prevalent, the distortion of economic life has some of the most devastating social consequences possible.

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But where it is legal, and takes the form of lobbying, it raises questions about the role of companies in society. In a democracy, one would expect that people, rather than companies, should be the key influence on government.

Yet the very phrase 'corporate citizenship' challenges that assumption. Changing the rules by which society operates leverages social impact beyond measure. Companies have always been part of society.A business continuity plan to continue business is essential.

Development of a business continuity plan includes four steps: Conduct a business impact analysis to identify time-sensitive or critical business functions and processes and the resources that support them.

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How small businesses can manage their impact on the environment felt personally obligated to reduce their business’ environmental . Bonneville Power Administration Business Plan Environmental Impact Statement Supplement Analysis for the Goldendale Energy Project (DOE/EIS/SA).

Oct 26,  · An environmental assessment is a study required to establish all the impacts either positive or negative about one particular project.

It will consist of technical evaluation, economic impact and social results that the project will bring. HOW TO WRITE A GOOD IMPACT STATEMENT What is an Impact Statement?

An Impact Statement: in quality of life or a change in attitudes or aspirations. For example, an increased awareness of protecting environmental quality might be an impact. Who was responsible? List any collaborators or contributors. and the business plan. A goal is to. Human Assets. The staff of Impact Environmental is dedicated to providing expert services for its clients.

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