A biography of diana frances spencer princess di

Where did Princess Diana grow up? She was born into a high ranking and important British family. Her father, John Spencer, was a Viscount when she was born and would later inherit the title of Earl. Diana grew up on a large estate in Norfolk called Park House.

A biography of diana frances spencer princess di

After her divorce from the Prince of Wales inDiana ceased to be the Princess of Wales and also lost the resulting Royal Highness style. After her divorce, officially, she was called Diana, Princess of Wales.

Diana was often called Princess Diana by the media and the public, but she did not possess such a title and was not personally a princess, a point Diana herself made to people who referred to her as such. It merely indicates that one was married to a Prince of Wales.

An iconic presence on the world stage, Diana, Princess of Wales was noted for her pioneering charity work. Yet her philanthropic endeavours were sometimes overshadowed by her difficult marriage to Prince Charles. From the time of her engagement to the Prince of Wales in until her death in a car accident inthe Princess was arguably the most famous woman in the world, the pre-eminent female celebrity of her generation: During her lifetime, she was often referred to as the most photographed person in the world.

Early years of Princess Diana See: Diana was a talented amateur singer, excelled in sports and reportedly longed to be a ballerina. Nearing his mid-thirties, he was under increasing pressure to marry. In order to gain the approval of his family and their advisors, including his great-uncle Lord Mountbatten of Burma, any potential bride had to have an aristocratic background, could not have been previously married, should be Protestant and, preferably, a virgin.

Diana fulfilled all of these qualifications. It was at this kindergarten school that the famous iconic snap of a year-old Lady Diana Spencer was taken by John Minihan with the morning sun to her back, her legs in silhouette through her skirt. Buckingham Palace announced the engagement on 24 February Diana was the first Englishwoman to marry the heir to the throne since when Lady Anne Hyde married the Duke of York and Albany, the future King James II although, unlike Charles, James was heir presumptive and not the heir apparent.

Princess Diana — Break up of Marriage with Prince Charles In the mids her marriage fell apart, an event at first suppressed, but then sensationalised, by the world media. Charles resumed his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, whilst Diana became involved with James Hewitt and possibly later with James Gilbey, with whom she was involved in the so-called Squidgygate affair.

She later confirmed in a television interview with Martin Bashir the affair with her riding instructor, James Hewitt. After her separation from Prince Charles, Diana was allegedly involved with married art dealer Oliver Hoare and rugby player Will Carling.

She did publicly date heart surgeon Hasnat Khan before becoming involved with Dodi Fayed. The Prince and Princess of Wales were separated on 9 December ; their divorce was finalised on 28 August However, since the divorce, Buckingham Palace has maintained that Diana was officially a member of the Royal Family since she was the mother of the second and third in line to the throne.

Princess Diana Charity work Starting in the mid-to-late s, the Princess of Wales became well known for her support of charity projectsand is credited with considerable influence for her campaigns against the use of landmines and helping the victims of AIDS.

A biography of diana frances spencer princess di

In Aprilthe Princess of Wales was the first high-profile celebrity to be photographed knowingly touching a person infected with the HIV virus. She showed the world that people with AIDS deserve no isolation, but compassion and kindness. It helped change world opinion, and gave hope to people with AIDS with an outcome of saved lives of people at risk.

According to nurses, she would turn up unannounced, for example, at the Mildmay Hospice in London, with specific instructions that these visits were to be concealed from the media.

Princess Diana and Landmines Campaign Perhaps her most widely publicised charity appearance was her visit to Angola in Januarywhen, serving as an International Red Cross VIP volunteer [1], she visited landmine survivors in hospitals, toured de-mining projects run by the HALO Trust, and attended mine awareness education classes about the dangers of mines immediately surrounding homes and villages.

Marriage and family

The pictures of Diana touring a minefield, in a ballistic helmet and flak jacket, were seen worldwide. In fact, mine-clearance experts had already cleared the pre-planned walk that Diana took wearing the protective equipment.

Her interest in landmines was focused on the injuries they create, often to children, long after the conflict has finished. She is widely acclaimed for her influence on the signing by the governments of the UK and other nations of the Ottawa Treaty in Decemberafter her death, which created an international ban on the use of anti-personnel landmines.

The best way in which to record our appreciation of her work, and the work of NGOs that have campaigned against landmines, is to pass the Bill, and to pave the way towards a global ban on landmines.

The United Nations appealed to the nations which produced and stockpiled the largest numbers of landmines China, India, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia and the United States to sign the Ottawa Treaty forbidding their production and use, for which Diana had campaigned.

Ever since the word paparazzi has been associated with the death of the Princess.

A biography of diana frances spencer princess di

Tejvan PettingerOxford, UK. Updated 22 Feb Princess of Wales by Mario Testino.Diana Frances Spencer was born in Norfolk, England on July 1, She was born into a high ranking and important British family. Her father, John Spencer, was a Viscount when she was born and would later inherit the title of Earl.

Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, was one of the most adored members of the British royal family. She was the daughter of Edward John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, and Frances Ruth Burke Roche. Diana, princess of Wales: car crash French police services preparing to take away the wreckage of the car crash in Paris that caused the deaths of Diana, princess of Wales, Dodi Fayed, and the car's driver, Henri Paul, Princess Diana, Self: Gala Performance.

Diana was born July 1, at pm weighing 7lb 12oz at Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk, England. She had her christening at Sandringham Church in Norfolk. Her full name is Lady Diana Frances Spencer.


On July 29, she married her Prince Charming - Prince Charles of Wales, the eldest son of Born: Jul 01, Where did Princess Diana grow up? Diana Frances Spencer was born in Norfolk, England on July 1, She was born into a high ranking and important British family.

Her father, John Spencer, was a Viscount when she was born and would later inherit the title of Earl. Her mother, Frances, came from a. Diana, Princess of Wales (Diana Frances; née Spencer), was a member of the British royal family as the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, the heir apparent to the British throne.

She was the mother of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry.

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