3 3 describe own role and responsibilities and those of other in team

Understanding these roles and responsibilities will ensure that the person you are with whom you are communicating has the authority to make decisions regarding a problem or concern you may have.

3 3 describe own role and responsibilities and those of other in team

Working in partnership in health and social care or children and young people's settings. Partnership working has been a recurrent public policy for the last 40 years for health and social care; different solutions have been presented along the way, such as a single system by full integration.

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Current and previous attempts at partnership working have risen directly out underlying assumptions that underpin our current welfare system. This underlying assumption has created very different organisations, with very different structures and ways of working, including all the subsequent complexities that partnership working entails.

Within their manifesto were promises of rebuilding the NHS by increased spending on patient care and the seventh manifesto included a promise of building stronger communities, laying the foundations for a better welfare state and community care.

The delivery of services was to be focussed on partnership working not only between health and social care but also between service users themselves.

This set out the implementation of strategy for the NHS plan but seemed to stress the dominant role of health rather than social care. However the emphasis was on joint working across a wider range of partners. Local strategic partnerships where designed to align plans for service development with the introduction of Health Improvement Modernisation Plans HiMP.

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P Each health authority is obliged to produce a HiMP to set the strategic framework for improving health, this modernisation also needed applying to how services were planned with key partners such as local authorities and voluntary organisations.

Partnership working is improved when professionals in the care home and health and social care sectors link together to anticipate problems and take a more preventative approach to health.

3 3 describe own role and responsibilities and those of other in team

Assumptions around a lack of knowledge or different perceptions of the status of each sector may hinder this. Partnership working can make improvements to the lives of service users through more focused support.

Families Partnership working with families of service users ensures families feel like equal partners within the process.

3 3 describe own role and responsibilities and those of other in team

Partnership working builds a positive and non-judgmental relationship with the family concerned, by ensuring that multi-agency service provision is delivered in a timely and coordinated manner where all involved in the process are empowered to deliver their role optimally.

Information sharing with family members ensures they have more knowledge and as such more understanding of service provision. Partnership working may empower families to seek out help and advice if they need it. Partnership working is also about engaging whole families, making sure everyone's opinions are heard and listened to.

With a 'whole family' approach, we can ensure we're meeting everyone's needs and that's what makes the lasting difference. Partnership working across health and social care is seen as being at the heart of providing seamless care and avoiding fragmentation There has also been a major shift in focus towards the outcomes that services deliver, addressed most recently, for England, in the New Outcomes Framework for Performance Assessment of Adult Social Care CSCI, The expansion of new roles within a team could lead to confusion regarding roles amongst team members and to uncertainty about roles, including some individual questioning of what their role might be within new contexts.

Role demarcation as a challenge of partnership working can occasionally be a problem. Outcomes for service users: In a study of good practice in multi-agency working it was found that services were improved for those clients who were accessing more than one service or organisation — especially those using jointly provided services or those within multi-agency case-review meetings.

For example, if they said in the context of a multi-agency team meeting that they would action a particular item, then they made sure that they did. Example of a positive outcome as a result of partnership working: An assessment of a lady who was referred to the home led to an understanding that her husband- Mr B was working full time and also caring for her with a complex long term condition.Published: Thu, 18 May Describe the duties and responsibilities of own role.

My duties as a care worker involve giving clients personal care, such as assisting with washing, dressing, toileting requirements including catheter and convene care. Roles and Responsibilities are important because they would facilitate order in any given organisation and allow personal and organisational objectives to be .

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Describe own role and responsibilities and those of others in the team. It is important to know your own role and that of others when working in a team. You may have a member of staff who has a limited amount of time available or has other responsibilities so good communication is vital.

Describe own role and responsibilities and those of others in the team. Describe the importance of respecting the skills and expertise of other practitioners. 4. Be able to support the work of the team.

Teamwork Exercise: Discussion of Roles and Responsibilities Responsibilities — On the other hand, responsibilities are the specific tasks or duties that members are expected to complete as a function of their roles. some of the responsibilities of a person in the role of team facilitator might include making sure that meeting agendas. (criteria ) Describe own role and responsibilities and those of others in the team. My role as a teaching assistant is to take on tasks such as preparing the classroom for lessons and clearing up afterwards, that allow the teacher to concentrate on teaching. Describe own role and responsibilities and those of others in the team My own role and responsibilities as an assistant is to work under the instruction and .

Support the purpose and objectives of the team. Describe own role and responsibilities and those of others in the team My role of a Teaching Assistant is extremely important in the class room. I am there to support the pupils and the teacher in charge as well as other staff working in the school/5(1).

The duties and responsibilities of my own work role are to provide personal care to service users for example: Giving bed baths where needed, help to dress the service user, to make beds and to keep the room tidy, to make sure they are clean and tidy throughout the day.

Collaborative Justice: Teamwork Exercise: Discussion of Roles and Responsibilities